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We know being a new homeowner can be difficult – we’ve been there ourselves. It seems as though there’s a never-ending checklist of things to get done and cross off. Planning your move, packing and unpacking, and organizing waste management can be a major process. If you’re moving into a house you plan on fixing-up or completely renovating then that process is going to get exponentially longer, drawn-out, and more expensive.

If you have a dozen or more things to worry about, interviewing and hiring the right contractors can be yet another headache on your already full schedule. In most cases, you’ll want to hire the first person you find just to make the process faster or get it over with. However, that can be unnecessarily expensive or in some cases also incredibly risky.

That’s why we started We’re homeowners ourselves and we’ve experienced first hand how annoyingly overwhelming it can be to deal with contractors who are charging exuberant amounts for what should be simple renovations. We also know what a blow it can be to your pride if you’ve been scammed by a shoddy contractor.

Types of Projects has an extensive itinerary of local:





-HVAC Contractors

-Insurance Contractors

-Solar Panelists

-Security System Installers

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Project Details wants to remove this problem tenfold. It seems that scammers are getting smarter and smarter and it’s easy to fall for scams, especially for new homeowners. Our goal is to find the best, most reliable, contractors in your area – wherever that area is. By allowing us to interview contractors with the specifics of your project and your personal timeline, you’ll be guaranteed to hook up with a contractor that’s not only fair but trustworthy as well. We know how to avoid scammers and get you the best price for the best quality.


Need a project done in time for an event? Or wondering if you can take a vacation and return home to a completed project? Let know your timeline and we’ll ask our experts to make sure it’s reasonable, given the weight of the project and the season.

We’ll Do the Rest

When you contact us about your project, we’ll check our database of contractors who are closest in your area and can handle the job inside and out.

We’ll then get back to you with their contact details and social proof of their quality of work. This way, you know you can trust the contractor is professional and will offer the best price for your project.

Contact us here for any other questions you may have and trust to get your quote today!