When to Paint Your House

woman painting with a laugh and smile

woman painting with a laugh and smile

Your house looked amazing when you bought it. Now, years later, the paint might is fading,  peeling, or chipping off. Maybe it’s been scratched or stained. These are the telltale signs that it needs to be repainted. Every building, whether it’s a mansion or a birdhouse needs to be repainted every now and then. This is true for the interior and the exterior of the structure. How often you repaint may depend on the climate, the abuse it takes, the quality of the paint that was used, and the composition of the material that the surface is made of. A stained wooden fence or deck will need restaining/sealing more often than the exterior of a house covered in vinyl siding. Here are some broad guidelines you can use to plan ahead. 

One of the main reasons for painting things is to protect the material underneath. Yes, it will also make them look better, too. If you look at a piece of wood that has been left outdoors without paint or sealant, you can see how it dries out and cracks or, in a wet cool climate, it might soak up moisture and rot or grow mold. In many locations, it will get soaked by the rain then dry out in the sun repeatedly over and over. An unpainted wooden structure will not survive more than 10-15 years, where a correctly painted/sealed one can last forever.

dried out old wood

Exterior Surfaces

The outside of your home or commercial building may be made of any one of a variety of materials. What this material is can have a great impact on how often it needs to be painted. This also applies to outbuildings, fences, doghouses, or kind of structure that is painted and is exposed to the elements. The quality of the paint or sealant previously used will also come into play. The more expensive house paints also come with a longer warranty period. In general, a paint that goes on thicker is likely to withstand the weather, and abuse better than one that is thinner. An extra coat of paint can go a long way toward protecting any material for a longer period of time.

How Long You Can Expect Exterior Paint to Last

  • Wood – 
    • 4 years for stain
    • 3-7 years for paint
  • Brick – 15-20 years for paint
  • Aluminum siding – 5 years
  • Stucco – 5-6 years
  • Cement fiberboard siding – 10-15 years 
  • Vinyl siding – 20-25 years

brick wall painted blue

Interior Surfaces

The interior of your home or office will need to be painted more frequently than the outside depending on use. If there’s a lot of people or abuse in the area it will need repainting more often. Many companies offer paints and sealants designed for high use areas that need to be cleaned or wiped down frequently. We’re usually talking about home or office interiors. If you use a thicker paint or sealant it will last longer and if you can prevent damage, it will last even longer. Even under ideal conditions, though, colors may fade over time and the paint may crack or peel.

How Long You Can Expect Interior Paint to Last

  • Most home interiors: 3-5 years


Signs Your Interior Walls Need Painting

There are the obvious things already mentioned: color fading, cracks, and peeling. Here are a few more signs that it’s probably time to repaint.

  • Fading – Over time most colors will fade. This may be due to sunshine or other light sources. But sometimes even colors that have been kept in the dark will fade just because of the chemical composition of the inks or dyes used in the coloring. Even White will become yellowed over time. When you see any of this it’s time to paint.
  • Cracks – If your paint starts getting tiny little cracks all over it, that means it’s drying or losing the elasticity inherent in the polymers that make up the paint. In pottery, they call it “crazing.” If you see it on your walls, it’s time to paint again.
  • Peeling – If the paint hasn’t adhered well to the surface beneath it may start peeling off. Sometimes it’s nothing to do with the paint and everything to do with the surface beneath. If the wood rots out from under the paint because it’s not sealed on another side, the paint will peel right off. This is a sure sign that you need to repair the wall and then paint it.
  • Not Coming Clean – If you have cleaned the area repeatedly and it isn’t coming clean, you have cleaned off your sealant and it’s time to paint.
  • Scuffs and Scratches – In your hallways or other high traffic areas people or animals may rub up against the wall. Too much of this and you will start to see scuff marks and scratches. When you see that, it’s time to paint.
  • Stains – In the kitchen, laundry room, garage, or other places where you may be using colorful liquids that can leave a stain. When those liquids get spilled or splashed on the walls and you can’t clean them off, it’s time to paint.
  • Damage –  Maybe a hole got punched or kicked into a wall. Maybe it’s just a dent or ding from moving furniture around. Perhaps it’s rotting wood or rusty metal. If you have to repair it, then you likely have to paint it too.
  • Renovations – Make sure you include the cost of the painting your remodeling project. Whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom or whatever room(s) you may be renovating. Any new construction or serious remodeling will always include painting as the last step.
  • Looks – If you’re just tired of looking at the same old walls or want to give your home a new feel, painting with new colors can have a dramatic effect. Many people have painted their walls after they were stuck inside them longer than expected due to the pandemic. They may be onto something that would make their home feel more comfortable as well as provide a much-needed home improvement project for those with too much time on their hands.


Hire Excellent Painters

We strongly recommend hiring professional painters such as those from Excellent Painters in Evergreen Colorado to help you get that painting done. You may not have much time on your hands, but hate the color of the walls in your improvised home office. KIt’s one thing to pick out the paint and the colors. It’s another to clear out all your furniture, lay down dropcloths to protect the floor, and then apply masking tape around all the windows and doors, paint everything, and clean up afterward on your own. It’s a lot of work and not all as easy as you might expect. There are a lot of tools and equipment that pros have that you may not want to buy. Think about it. Do you want a project that will last for weeks or a quickly repainted home within days? There are many reasons to hire the professional painters of Excellent Painters.

How To Pick Paint Colors To Fix Any Room’s Quirks

blue dining room

blue dining room

You love your house but it came with some rooms that are just a tad funky. Like that strange hallway/laundry room that leads to the master bedroom addition. Or that small room that is perfect for an office but just seems like the walls are closing in on you. 

What can you do to fix these small quirks and love your house 100%? Don’t worry we have you covered!

Choosing Paint For A Small Room

Colors that reflect light will widen your small space. It’s an illusion but does wonders when you are feeling cramped. Pastel colors are perfect for creating the illusion of a larger space because they reflect the light perfectly; even if this light is a lamp in the room. 

  • Paint your trim a color similar to your walls to create a seamless effect
  • Paint vertical or horizontal stripes
  • Choose a high-gloss sheen in a darker color to achieve the same effect

Okay, But What If My Room Is Too Big?

Sometimes the opposite is true and the room you are working with is too big and you need to create the illusion of a smaller space. Warm colors, those with red-tinges, absorb the light making the space seem cozier and inviting. 

Creating A Soothing Space With Paint

Rooms such as bathrooms or a baby’s room require a more soothing tone when it comes to painting. Muted greens and blues are perfect for achieving a calming effect in these areas without being in your face bold. 

I Don’t Want To Lose The Characteristics Of My Room

Great, you don’t have to! You love that crown molding, why not frame it with color and make it stand out when you enter the room? Painting them in white with bright and bold colors on the walls is a great way of making these pieces stand out without taking away from the rest of your room. 

What About The Flaws In My Room?

No one wants a room where the flaws stand out so much that the rest of the beauty of your room is lost. So how do you hide those flaws without taking away from the room as a whole? Flat paint colors help hide the uglier bits of a room. 

How Do I Pick Paint Colors For Any Room?

  • Sample paint colors on a few walls
  • Add samples of colors to different sides of the room and walls to judge where the light hits
  • Check your colors in all weather to know how it will look year-round

What If I Need Help With Painting My Room?

Great question! You can try Excellent Painters. By giving them some general information you will be connected with painting companies local to your area and can start your project as soon as possible. 

What Does A Painting Company Offer Me?

They will walk through your project with you and make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. While you are going about your daily life you can rest assured knowing that your project is in capable hands. 

You can be sure the company is not only licensed but has the right skills in order to complete your project while being communicative with you. Once you are satisfied with your options you will be well on your way to having the home of your dreams. 

What To Keep In Mind

Should you choose to go through a painting company; you want to know how long they have been in the business. If they have any reviews and if so if they are good or bad. You will also want to keep in mind what their needs are in order to complete the job.

However, should you choose to continue on your own. You will need to remember a few tips and tricks of the trade. 

  • Even with painters tape, you will need to do touch-ups
  • Get plenty of samples
  • Don’t rush your project
  • Keep your freshly painted room safe from pets and people till dry
  • Store your paint and samples appropriately 

Is Primer Necessary for House Painting?

priming a wall

priming a wall


Home renovation requires a lot of resources from building and repairing to house painting and redecorating. There are a variety of means and methods to get the job done. However, if you are a busy person and don’t have the time or the skills to do the work, you can always hire professionals to help you.

Hiring professionals is a great way to start and finish a painting job considering that they already know what they are doing and have all the right tools to accomplish the task. Pro painters will give your home a new look while ensuring a high quality of work.

Part of that work is laying down a coat of primer before you put on the colored paint. This is done to make sure the final colors will look as expected and also to cover up or conceal any imperfections in the old paint.

The Different Types of Primer?

There are various types of primers you can use depending on the surface to be painted. You have to understand how to select and use primers in painting in order to achieve the best quality results.

Oil-Based Primers

This primer is usually for surfaces that we touch the most, such as doors, windows, cabinets, and woods like cedar. Oil-based primer is also used for building exteriors. An example of an oil-base primer is shellac. It is used to coat surfaces that are prone to staining such as smoke stains, crayon, and oil-based adhesives. These primers work well on walls that have been damaged by water or smoke.

Water-Based Primers

Latex is an example of a water-based primer that’s use is to coat blocking stains and on surfaces that are filled with paste. Aside from that, latex is excellent on new drywall due to its flexibility on surfaces. If you are planning to use latex on wood, test it first in an inconspicuous space to make sure that it will not cause a rise in wood grain. We recommend a water-based primer if you are painting on plaster, masonry, brick, and metal surfaces. Water-based primers are commonly used on interior walls.

All-In-One Paint And Primer

This is a paint and primer in one. They accomplish this by making the paint really thick. These are designed to seal and cover surfaces on new drywall or previously painted walls. The downside, however, is that it does not perform as well as a stand-alone primer due to its thick formulation. In cases where there are bad stains or cracks that need sealing, this type of paint is not recommended.

Why Primer is Necessary for House Painting

Priming is usually necessary for most types of painting projects – be it on a canvas or the walls of your house. New drywall, wood, metal, concrete, and other types of surfaces need priming. You need to use a primer before your paint because most house materials and canvases will absorb the paint and so to get good coverage you will need additional coats. If you use a primer as your first coat, you can be certain your colored top coat will cover nicely and look as ex[ectedc. Primer is also cheaper than regular paint, so it’s cheaper to use one coat of primer and one coat of paint than it is to use 2 or 3 coats of paint with no primer.

Benefits of Applying a Primer

  • Seals the original materials to prevent paint from soaking in
  • Hiding seams and other imperfections in the wall
  • Seals over mold, stains, and discoloration from any previous paint color
  • Helps your new coat adhere to your wall

Primers are usually a neutral color such as light grey or white. This will enhance the color of your paint. Also, some paint stores would advise you to use a pigmented primer to make it closer to your last paint color. This technique is best if your final color is lighter than your original shade of surface.

Where to Hire House Painters?

A lot of websites are marketing different contractors for home renovation. However, there are also a lot of fake companies online that will promise you that they will finish the job but then leave you in the middle of the job.

Many people across Colorado trust and hire Excellent Painters due to their fast and reliable services. They are a legal third party company that will help you find contractors near your place and give you recommendations on when and what time it is best to do your home painting. 

Why Choose Excellent Painters?

They use only the best quality paint and primer, from Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore, the latest technology, and expert painters to create a fresh new look for your home. Update your interior spaces with the latest trends in home colors creating a beautiful style throughout your interior, or give the outside of your home a makeover with fresh paint that will make it look new again. Contact Excellent Painters for a free quote today!

Does Painting My House Make It Worth More?


freshly-painted-houseHouse painting not only breathes fresh life into your boring home it also increases the real estate value! If you are a buyer yourself, it’s certainly the house’s visual appeal that would catch your interest first. Painting not only hides flaws but also makes a home feel new and livable. There are other benefits of painting that make it an important part of your investment. 

To increase a home’s market value, you need the help of professionals. Excellent Painters put in a lot of work to make your home look more appealing. Yes, you can do it yourself if you want to, but it will look better if you hire a trustworthy house painting company. This way, you can ensure the quality of the work. 

But what does paint do that adds value to your home?

How Does House Painting Increase Your Home’s  Value?

Aside from just increasing its appeal, house painting adds more character to your home. The more Pinterest-worthy looking it is, the more it attracts the buyer’s attention. A house’s color scheme also adds a mood and charm to make it more attractive. Here are the top reasons it can increase your home’s value:

Paint Prevents Damage

Paint is the first line of protection against the changing weather. It also prevents dust and mites from thriving inside your home. House painting in Denver, Colorado, or anywhere else, keeps it protected against these elements making it a great protective barrier. Wise buyers know the good paint means a good investment.

Paint Increases the Life of the Property

Most Colorado house sellers capitalize on painting to extend what business people call the life of the asset. As mentioned above, it prevents damage to your home. Evaluators look at that as a simple guide to assess the longevity of your home. That is if you pick quality paint rather than substandard paint. Professional painters know the good paint from the lousy paint and will apply it in the correct way. Painting might be simple, but it can do so much to give a great impression. A good first impression also improves marketability. If your house looks good at first glance, it will be easier to sell. 

Paint Hides Dirt And Marks

Unsightly marks and stains create a negative vibe. Peeling and cracking surfaces do the same. Painting works well to erase marks from the previous occupants of a house. No one wants to buy a house with a shabby interior. So, you need fresh paint inside and out.

It Improves Indoor Quality

Interior paints do plenty to improve the quality of your home. The smell of fresh paint is more appealing than any lingering odors from previous use. Buyers will get the impression that your house for sale is suitable for them to live in. Color selection is another reason why you need a bit of professional advice. Pros have more knowledge of paint products and color arrangements. The right choice will give the house the kind of positive feeling that it needs to impress buyers. 

It Increases The Buyer’s General Impression

A house that needs painting sells for a lower price than a freshly painted one. That’s because some buyers also look at the visual quality of a home for sale. Colors give beauty to anything they touch. A freshly painted house means that the owner invested money to keep the house well maintained which in turn makes the home worth more. Although house painting may seem like a minor task, it does add a significant amount to your house’s total value.  

Where to Look for a Reliable Painting Company in Colorado?

For all your house painting needs, Excellent Painters has your back. They will provide you with the best house painters available in Colorado.

Picking the Perfect Paint color! 5 Colors that You can’t Screw up


paint-swatchesLet’s face it, there are so many colors to choose from when painting your home. It can all be a bit overwhelming; especially when there is more than one tone of white to choose from. Suddenly egg white looks more like a dull grey and you are back at square one. We are going to take a look at 5 colors you can’t screw up, so keep reading

#1 – Blue

Blue has a very calming effect and is paired well with a stark white or even grey in bedrooms and bathrooms. Have a favorite color of blue on a pillowcase? Did you know that you can take that to the mixer and they can literally make the color for you? Often times you can even give examples of your chosen shade to painting companies and they can get you exactly what you are looking for.

#2 – Yellow

I don’t know about you, but there is something about a sunflower toned kitchen that is just appealing. Not only do the colors orange and yellow pair well; but they also are known to create a feeling of hunger and warmth. Which is exactly what a kitchen is supposed to mean in my book. 

And if you happen to be like me; you may have a wide collection of golden hues just waiting for the right paint to set them off. 

#3 – Black

You may think this is crazy but using black as an accent to any room is a great way of bringing in a bit of pop in a subtle way. Going for a warmer black means you won’t have to worry about purple or blue hues messing with your color scheme. Keep in mind black shows everything; so it is not a recommended color with children or pets. 

#4 – Green

Looking to accent a wall in a small space? Why not give olive green a try? It’s a great way of adding a subtle pop of color without going all out. Accessorizing in this color is also easy as there are so many trinkets for bathrooms and so on in olive green!

#5- Grey

And by grey, I mean a nice charcoal color. This is a great statement color and if you have found the perfect black but want charcoal you can have them mix it at 75% to achieve that desired look. Use this as an accent wall or if you are really adventurous; paint your whole room! Just remember this is a color that usually fairs better in a well-lit space that is open over a smaller one. 

I’m not a professional painter, what can I do?

I’m glad you asked. You can Find the best Painting Companies at Get Your Quote, after inputting a bit of information you will have a list of painting companies eager to help you complete your projects. 

What information do I need to give to get quotes from local painting companies?

  • Address of project
  • Project description
  • Date of project
  • First and last name
  • Phone number to contact you

After inputting the above information at GetYourQuote.com they will get to work finding local painting companies that will fit your budget. 

What can painting companies offer me?

Painting companies are out to help you complete your home projects at a cost that will fit your budget. You will be able to speak with a professional who can guide you through the process of choosing a scheme and the correct colors for your home. They will be able to come to your home, bring their tools, and do the manual labor while you go about your daily life tasks. 

There are multiple reasons to let someone else do the footwork for you when it comes to finding the best Denver painters for your project. It means you have more time for the things and people you love while still getting what you need to do. You won’t have to cold call anyone to try and find the best price around; they will be calling you. 

Why let someone else research painting companies for me?

At GetYourQuote.com they make getting any of your at-home projects completed easier for you. They do the footwork for you in order to find the best-priced contractors for the project in question. They strive to meet your needs while making it as seamless and painless as possible. 

So don’t let that project you have been waiting to complete wait any longer. It’s time to reinvent your home and stop staring at walls that you hate. With the above information, you will be well on your way to not only having the home of your dreams but also having painting companies knocking on your door to make it come true!

The Easiest Way to Find House Painters Near You


House painting can be a hard job when tackling it alone, so why not hire a house painter? Here you will find the easiest ways to find house painters near you. Whether it’s for your one-bedroom flat or mansion, there is a best method available. 

You can find the best free quote for house painters near you here with us!

Ask friends and family

One of the most tried and tested methods to ask friends and family. It’s very likely that someone you know has a fresh lick of paint added to their home or garden. Asking around can be very helpful to get a range of opinions of different professionals from the people you know. With friends and family finding house painters near you couldn’t be easier.

The good thing about this method is that it will never be a sales pitch. Your friends and family will usually tell you their honest opinion.  You can often tell a lot about a job from the customer it has served. The painter may be great or poor in the quality of their work. Who better to tell you than friends and family?

Use social media 

Nowadays social media has an advertisement for everything and an answer to all questions. Using social media can help you gather all the information you need. You can browse through all the available house painters in Aurora, Colroado. From opinions on their work to before and after pictures, social media has it all.

The process of social media search engines allows you to find exactly what you need exactly when you need it. Social media will often have personal pages set up for house painters to advertise their work and provide a contact number. 

Use the internet

Similar to the use of social media, using the internet via a search engine such as google, bing, etc. can be just as effective. If you type in your location and your request for house painters, the chances are that there will be countless choices available. This is great as it provides you with lots of options, but can often make it hard to choose which link to follow.

To help make the choice easier, search engines place the often most sought out and search-optimized links at the very top of that list. These links will often be well-known and reputable, making that tough decision that much easier.

Look at reviews

Reviews are the foundation that any company/worker builds upon to promote their business. Using them you can find the best house painters near you using both reviews of the professional and seeing general opinion on them. Reviews will show you written details of the quality of the work carried one while opinions give you an idea of professional behavior. 

When it comes to finding house painters near you, looking for reviews and testimonials in newspapers, online, or otherwise is a reliable way to go. 

Choose Specifications 

Narrowing down your search by specifying what type of job you have will make finding a nearby house painter that much easier. If you need your bedroom and kitchen painted, you can specify that you need internal painting. If you require external painting, then specifying that will help you find the correct type of house painter you need for the job.

Internal and external paints are very different from one another. Using masonry paint in the house wouldn’t be ideal so make sure you specify. Choosing the specifics of the job is vital to easily finding house painters near you that are fit to your needs.

Personal Reference From Real Estate Agent

One method is often missed when deciding the best method to find nearby reputable house painters. That method is to seek the house painters through your real estate agent.

Getting a personal referral from the real estate agent you used when moving into your property can really help. A real estate agent has to vet many house painters over the years. To ensure the properties they work with are painted well, real estate agents filter though many painters. Talking to your estate agent can find you the house painter nearby. This is likely to be the case as the real estate agent will likely not hire out of the area unless it is truly necessary.

This method is very easy to go about as your real estate agent is likely just a phone call away and can make sure the house painter is reputable. 

Ask Local Interior Designers/Building Firms

A great way to find house painters near you is to seek out nearby interior designers or building work firms. Due to the nature of their work, equally each company works alongside painters to complete aspects of their jobs. Each company should be able to reference a nearby professional to suit the needs of your project. Additionally, the painters are shown to be reliable having worked with other professionals.

Use this method of finding a house painter near you to have peace of mind. You are provided with not only a professional reference but also evidence of the quality of their work. This guarantees a job well done!

How to Find the Best House Painters in Your Area

House Painter - Find Painters Near You - Get Your Quote

house painter

There are a few different times when you may need to have your house painted. Maybe you’re moving into a new place and want to spruce it up before you move in. Or, maybe you’ve lived in your current place for years and are looking for a change of scenery.  No matter the reason, house painting is no easy task. 

Many people opt to take care of it themselves, but it can often be easier to hire a professional house painting company — especially if there’s a lot of work that needs doing. Here, we’re going to give you the best tips for finding house painting companies in your area. These include where to look for house painting companies, how to get referrals, check online reviews, get quotes, and ultimately where to get a free quote for house painters near you

Where to Look for House Painting Companies

Your first question may be this simple. Where do you even start looking? Looking online is a great place to start. A quick google search should yield a number of companies. 

The difficult part, truthfully, is not finding house painting companies. In fact, the much harder part is determining who to choose from. Depending on the city you live in, the market could be flooded with dozens of choices. If you are in a city like New York, you probably have way too many options. 

In smaller cities or rural areas, you may have fewer choices. However, it can still be difficult to determine the best house painters. We do have a few tips for narrowing those choices down, though. 

Ask For Referrals

The first and simplest step you can take is to ask around for a referral. If you know someone personally who has worked with house painters in your area, ask them about their experience. This can be the quickest and simplest way to connect with a great company. 

Keep in mind, though, that one person’s opinion of a company may or may not be the truth. Sometimes people have bad experiences with great companies. Other times, they may have an excellent experience with a company that has a terrible track record. 

If you can, be sure to get multiple opinions. This will help eliminate some of the bias that comes along with an individual’s experience. Moreover, if you see trends across multiple clients, those are better indicators of a company’s quality. 

Check Online Reviews

In the same way, checking online reviews can be massively helpful. Rather than just pursuing a personal referral, online reviews can give you a fuller picture. You can look at a variety of house painting companies and get an idea of what they are like. However, these can often be misleading. 

If you are looking through online reviews, make sure you keep in mind that there will be extremes on both sides. The most likely people to write online reviews for contractors have had either a really good or really bad experience. 

This isn’t a bad thing, but you should know that up front before you begin your research. Take what you read with a grain of salt. Be sure to look for trends that are consistent across multiple reviews.

You may see that a given house painting company works quickly, but that there was often a need for touch-up work. These are the types of things you can look for in online reviews.

Ask For Examples of Their House Painting

Before you start your project, you want to have an idea of the quality of work you can expect. Most house painting companies should have examples of their work that they can show you. Ask to see some photos. 

Any contractor who is proud of the work they’ve done will be glad to show you some finished projects. This is really the best way to see how they do. Things like painting around trim, door frames, and other small spaces should be your focus. 

Anyone can take a roller to a blank wall. If you’re hiring professional house painters in Littleton, Colorado, the hope is that they will be able to paint spots that you would struggle with. 

Price Quote Different House Painting Companies

Once you’ve narrowed your options down to a few companies, it’s time to start getting some quotes. You can do this by calling different companies and talking it over with them. However, there is a much simpler way. Get Your Quote is the easiest way to get free quotes from contractors in your area. 

We have an extensive network of house painters and other contractors in some of the biggest cities across the country. All you have to do is reach out to us with the details of your project and your timeline, and we will take care of the rest. 

We also vet all of the contractors on our website, so you know you can trust them. Contact us today, and let us help you find the best house painters in your area!