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Owning your home is a rewarding experience in and of itself. It’s a great time to nurture and grow your family, and of course all the comforts that come along with it. However there are many things that can affect your home too, like theft, fire, and other elemental damage. That’s where home insurance comes in – to protect your assets from common risks. However depending on where you live and what you want for your home, your insurance may differ dramatically. Homeowners insurance will provide cash relief or replacements if unforeseen damage or loss occurs to your home. It can also provide liability against claims if someone else has been harmed on your property.

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Basic insurance will cover replacements or repairs in cases of fire, snow and hail, or heavy winds. If you need to stay somewhere while your home is under repair, your policy should also cover those accommodations. You can also get policies for other structures such as stand alone garages or damage done to sprinkler and security systems.  

Unfortunately there’s no set price to home insurance. There are loads of factors that determine the type of insurance you might need. The most notable is how much your property is worth. It also depends on where your home is. If you have a large home in a small community, your insurance may be less than a large home in an urban centre. If you live in an area that’s more prone to tornadoes or earthquakes, your insurance will also differ. Some things may not be protected in your policy if they’re victims of natural disasters.

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There’s no set “rule” of being under or over insured. Depending on your mortgage lender, you may only be required to be 60-80% insured, which may still cost you depending on how much damage occurs. Buying too much insurance isn’t always practical either, as sometimes it will include the land your home is on. And in the case of a disaster or break-in, your lawn or backyard will probably still be intact. It’s beneficial to buy enough insurance that will cover the materials and the labor required to rebuild your home completely – in case all of it crumbles to the ground in one foul swoop. A good insurance agent will also take into account the unique features of your property and of course factor in inflation.

If a flood occurs by a broken pipe in your home, your insurance policy should have you covered. A flood caused by a natural disaster however, will not, and must be covered by flood insurance. Even in a low-risk area you should consider such insurance before it’s too late. Luckily the federal government provides National Flood Insurance.

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There are probably tons of insurance policies in your area, but they probably all cover different or unrelated things. To make sure you’re getting the proper insurance for your home, property and belongings, ensure the help of We’ll make sure you get the protection you need against theft and any natural disasters, with a local insurer you can rely on!

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