Home Improvement Companies and Contractors in Columbus, Ohio

If you’re considering moving to the state capital of Ohio, be prepared to enjoy lots of college sports and lots of craft beer to go with it. Ohio is constantly ranked as one of the best states for education, breweries, and quality of life. Columbus is surrounded by colleges and universities, performance theatres, and museums. 

With the unpredictable weather, the most popular type of contractors in Columbus are handymen and maintenance workers. Electricians, HVAC contractors, hydronic technicians, plumbers will have to be officially licensed by the state. For general contracting in Columbus, they’ll have to register based on the type of dwelling, have three years of work experience, and pass an ICC accreditation exam. This means your contractors are going to know Ohio inside and out.

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Moving Companies

Did you know Columbus is often referred to as “The Heart of it All” because 47% of Americans live within 600 miles of Columbus? Atlanta, Chicago, and New York City are within a day’s drive of Columbus. With all that traffic you’re going to need a mover who can maneuver through it all, and GetYourQuote.com can recommend the best movers in Columbus.

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Solar Panel Companies

The sun may not come out often in winter in Columbus, but it is here to stay in the summer months. Take advantage of the sunshine and have more control over your energy bill with the best Solar Panel installers in Columbus, Ohio – they’re on GetYourQuote.com

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Painting Companies

You may have a beautiful color picked out for the trim of your home – but if it’s not the proper paint or is applied incorrectly, your color may dull in the winter or fade in summer. To find a painter in Columbus, Ohio that knows what they’re doing in any weather, let GetYourQuote.com be your guide.

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Security Systems Companies

Ohio may be one of the flattest states, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider your safety in the densely populated city of Columbus. To make sure you’re system is up to date and as secure as it can be, find your expert Columbus home security company at GetYourQuote.com

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HVAC Companies

Columbus has gorgeous weather in the summer. It’s hot and humid during the day, and warm enough at night to enjoy the outdoors. Columbus in the winter isn’t unpleasantly cold – but it can snow and be cloudy for long periods of time. Whatever your weather preferences are – you want your indoor temperature to be the opposite of what’s going on outside. If your HVAC unit isn’t working, GetYourQuote.com can find a service person to match all your comforts. 

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Roofing Companies

Roofing DIYs have their fair share of ups and downs. Varying weather conditions can also play a major factor in the difficulty and risk involved in the job. For a roofer who can handle any job in any kind of weather, ask the professionals at GetYourQuote.com first.

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Plumbing Companies

Columbus is home to the world’s first water filtration facility to fight typhoid. Even though this was in 1908, many of their filtration practices are still used throughout this day all over the world. So if you have any questions or concerns about your water treatments or systems we will find the best plumber for the job.

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Insurance Companies

Columbus is one of the youngest cities in America with the majority of the population being 30-33 years of age for the last 20 years. Is there really something in the water, or do you just have better insurance? Whatever the case may be GetYourQuote.com has the best insurance companies on standby.