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Whether you’re moving across the state or across the country, moving is always an entire process. For some it can be an exciting time of new opportunities and looking forward – or an incredibly daunting one because it means sorting through all the stuff you’ve acquired over the years.

Either way, moving can still easily stress people out. Between obtaining boxes, labelling things, throwing out junk, and the packing itself the moving to-do list seems to never end. Because of this, you may find yourself wanting to hire a moving company.

There are tons of legit moving companies and of course most moves in the country go off without a hitch, however in the U.S.A. alone over 7000 moving scams are reported each year. So how can you tell which ones are legit and which ones are trying to run off with your money and not move your things? There are some definite warning signs you should look out for and some do’s and don’ts when choosing the right mover for you:

When considering a mover it can be beneficial to get a referral from a friend. There are tons of online reviews out there, but it can sometimes be impossible to tell if that review was written by someone who works at the company or even a bot. To ensure a moving company are indeed legit talk to someone you know and trust who has used a mover hassle free, or ask your real estate agent if they have any recommendations.
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issues accreditations for both inter- and out-of-state movers. If you’re unsure the moving company you’ve selected is accredited check the FMCSA website or your local Better Business Bureau.

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There are some definite warning signs you should look out for if your friends or agents haven’t used a mover before or can’t recommend one. Movers determine their prices based on the weight and size of the objects you intend to move. If you don’t already have all the essentials packed up or boxed by the time the mover does the estimate, make sure the mover does a thorough inspection of your home.

This includes checking all your storage places including your garage, closets, and kitchen cupboards or cabinets (they will normally also ask if everything is going or not). If your mover does a quick walk around without asking what you’re taking it is a definite red flag.

Never pay for a moving fee up front. A reputable mover shouldn’t demand cash or a large deposit before they help you move. When you pay upfront you have no guarantee that your stuff will be moved or wind up in it’s appropriate destination. can help you choose the right movers for the job, whether you’re moving down the block or to an entirely different state. We’ll help you get the best estimates for the belongings you’re moving to ensure everything on your moving contract gets to your new home on time and intact!

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