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Going solar can be an incredibly worthwhile home reno, and it’s also a huge undertaking. Using a solar panel for around 20 years can save most Americans over $20,000 in electricity bills. But it takes serious cash and skill to save that kind of money. The good news is that solar panel technology is becoming better and better every year. So many homeowners feel the DIY approach is the more affordable option. In many ways it is, however, there are variables to consider that may be better suited for a professional. It should also be noted that if you do go with the DIY approach, many solar contractors won’t repair your (or another contractors) mistake and will likely prefer to upheave and do the job from scratch. This means paying for the old system to be removed and fixing damages. This is of course an expensive way to fix a minor problem you didn’t catch when you DIY’d.

Quality Care

There are a lot of other factors to consider that may deter you from installing solar panels yourself. A self-installed system may not be able to connect to the grid, depending on where you live. Self-installed systems may not be eligible under your home insurance contract – and getting permits or inspections may be more difficult without a professional. You also won’t get any installation warranties if you install the panels yourself, and some equipment manufacturers may flatout not sell you certain products if you’re unlicensed.

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Solar Panel Companies You Can Trust

If you’re not convinced yet, going with a certified solar panel contractor is probably your best bet. Not only do licensed professionals have access to equipment you may not, they can often procure large quantities of materials at better prices. As mentioned earlier, professionals not only offer insurance and warranties, but expertise as well. Some solar panel kits can have encyclopedic instruction manuals, which can be a huge headache if you’re unfamiliar with some of the concepts. An unthorough understanding can also be quite dangerous as you’ll be dealing with unconventional electric wiring. All solar panel installers should be certified with the NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners). This means you aren’t just getting reliable service, but expert knowledge on permit acquisition and part sourcing as well. To give you further peace of mind, solar panel installers can also tell you if they use any subcontractors and give you their credentials. They can also tell you which equipment they use or are familiar with, so you can look it up yourself and determine if you trust the product for your home as well.

Competitive Pricing

As with any contractor, you’ll want to ask about their experience in the field and how long they’ve been in business. Longevity assures efficiency and quality experience in solar panel installation. Especially in a field where the technology is always being updated, a solar panel installer who’s been in the business for a while assures you they’re keeping up with industry trends and standards. will hook you up with solar panel contractors who are proficient in smaller or larger jobs, and can accurately assess your area so the future of your home always shines bright!

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